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Mama, what kind of shenanigans did you do when you were young?

Apr 17, 2024

What would you answer to this question? I really was a well-behaved kid. And maybe a little boring : ).... In our boy-scout division where I was a leader of the cub-scouts we had a lot of fun and did unconventional things in our training camps like I told you in this scrap-book-mail but other than that…real shenanigans?

Wait, I remember one story - and Mika’s face lit up : ).

Our high-school class of only girls went to the mountains with our beloved elderly math-teacher for a weekend to analyze flowers with mathematics. You know, these mathematical sequences… I don’t remember anything of that theory but I know that we had fun. A rare occasion because usually we spit poison and had such hard times together…bitch fights and different groups… it was a tough time. We just all didn’t match at all. BUT I met my besties Valery and Silvia in that class so I am forever grateful for this time nevertheless!

When somebody suggested that we could go swimming in the little outdoor pool of the village we were staying in, we all screamed: Oh nooo, we don’t have swimming suits with us! (It was quite cold at the time we were there…very early summer). I don’t remember who said what and when but we agreed on climbing over the fence at night and going for a skinny dip together. Our teacher said: “I don’t know anything about nothing! Don't get caught, girls. Don’t ruin my reputation in this mountain village!”

She was the best!

There would be a picture which is not meant for the internet where we all smile into the camera in the flashlight of my very first camera : ). Sorry, you “only” get the flowers above. ; )

The discussion with Mika went on about pranks and shenanigans. When nothing is broken, nobody is hurt or bullied, nobody in danger and no risk of getting into life-threatening trouble, why not do a forbidden thing which will create the best memories.

What do you think?

Ken could fill a book with all the things he did (I know that from my mother in law : )) BUT he didn’t tell our girl any insights and just insisted that he was the best boy and besides soccer and school he didn’t do anything worth telling : ). I don’t believe him a word…

I wish you the best Sunday and a great start into the new week!
Lots of looove from very flowery-springy Zurich

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