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How segments can change your whole life

Oct 12, 2023

Imagine you enter your apartment after a long day, a much deserved hot chai latte from your favorite coffee shop in your hand. You’re in a hurry to finally throw yourself on the sofa, and so you put the beverage on the small table at the entrance - too close to the edge - and it falls down and spills everywhere.

Moment of silence.

Now imagine that you sigh, take off your jacket and shoes (thankfully the tea hasn’t spilled all over you), walk to the kitchen, get a towel and clean up the floor. There’s still oat milk in the fridge and some chai tea blend (did you know that chai simply means tea? : )) , so you take the time to prepare a new tea, finally get on your sofa and continue with your relaxed evening without being thrown off by disappointment or frustration.

Does that sound rather unrealistic to you?

You might already get upset by just thinking about a situation like this. Or you might throw a tantrum when a glass breaks. Maybe you get really pissed when somebody bumps into you at the train station because your day was already really stressful and now your mood is ruined for the rest of the day too. Or you’re feeling helpless after having told your partner that he PLEASE should bring out the trash bag for the millionth time.

There are countless opportunities during every day that can ruin our day or evening or night. Or even our week! Believe me, I’ve been there, I’ve also got upset about all the little things and depending on what was going on that day it could be as little as a chair standing in my way. STUPID CHAIR, right?

Now’s the moment to tell you: It is possible to change that! It is possible to react relaxed and not let one situation - no matter how small or big - ruin the rest of your day.

The secret lies in segmenting your day into small moments, and to allow yourself to decide anew in each segment how you want to be and act. Entering the door - new segment, taking off your coat - new segment, going into the kitchen - new segment, opening the fridge - new segment. The chai tea falling on the ground is just a segment, and you can choose in the next segment to feel, react, or behave, regardless of what your response was in the chai tea segment. Do you see how your days are full of small segments that help you leave a bad experience behind, without letting it influence your mood?

All these small segments are moments that you can use to pause and realign yourself to step out of autopilot reactions and into consciously taking the wheel for your day. YOU are the captain of your life and it’s time to throw all the energy consuming nitty little things that prevent you from experiencing joy and lightness every day overboard.

If you want to learn more about this truly awesome and simple technique of “Segment Intending” and how you can use it to enjoy more of your life, head over to my blog article here

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