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How shall your December feel like?

Dec 01, 2021

I shout “Welcome December!” It’s one of my favorite months in the whole year because we celebrate Ken's, my mother's and my birthday. I love winter AND I love Christmas.

How do you feel about December? Is this your least favorite month with all the heavy memories about screwed up Christmas-gatherings and lots of stress, hurry and expectations?

I invite you to take a pen and paper and DESIGN your personal December. I mean it! Write down

  • how you want this December to FEEEEL

  • what you want to do

  • what you DON’T want to do

  • who you want to meet

  • who you don’t want to meet

  • what kind of food you crave 

  • how much decoration you love

  • how you want to spend your Christmas (if you celebrate)

  • ….

December is the month with the MOST expectations of society and I guess your family and most of all: Yourself.

I should have the perfectly neat and decorated home, otherwise I’m a loser.
I should have my shit together and be prepared way before the 24th of December.
All the gifts need to be perfect and self made and…

I don’t know which sentences float through your head, but I encourage you to kick them all out and sit with your pen and paper. Think, feel into yourself and ponder a new YOU like and love.

This month's topic is SELF - CARE. Please put loads of self-care into your December plans.

On the 11th of December you’ll get the podcast episode of the month with my dear friend Anna Loots. If you haven’t found your inspiration to give your December a “redo”, you will for sure have a lot of energy and ideas from Anna.

But maybe, you are super, super happy with your December and you don’t want to change anything? That’s ME!

We ditched presents when I was still living at home. Sooo… over 25 years ago we let go of the stress to find a gift for every member of the family. All of a sudden December became soooo relaxed. No running around in the city and at Christmas markets for having something wrapped underneath the Christams tree. No, I’m not saying that you should do that too. I’m saying that you can change traditions, just because you want to.

So, besides the wonderful birthdays we’re celebrating, we’ll have relaxed Christmas days and for New Year we hike up to our mountain cabin. Always the same gang: My parents, friends of ours, a family of four and we three Sakatas.

You get my point, right? You are free to choose HOW you want to spend your December. Last year one lady of the Joy Academy was inspired by this shout out (I do it every year) and just booked Christmas in the Maldives. Half price at the white beach, she and her partner celebrated Christmas.

It doesn’t have to be a fancy holiday far away from home to have a good December. Tell me your favorite December-activities, which bring you JOY and ease and let you enjoy this last wonderful month of the year @joyismycompass.

Lots of love

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