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Is the word "should" in charge of your life?

Sep 21, 2023

Let’s do a little thinking experiment. Think about a “should” in your life that you’ve heard over and over again, from somebody else or from yourself. Eg. You want to work part time because you prefer to have more time off than only the weekends. But you don't, because in your head there's always a voice telling you: “You should work in a full-time job at your age”. Now replace the “should” with “could” → “You could work in a full-time job at your age”.

Do you feel how the tone and meaning instantly change?

You should work in a full-time job at your age: Yes I know…, but I don’t want to anymore… but I know I should…, it’s just that I value time more than money… yes I know that’s weird… can we talk about the weather please???

You likely feel awkward and self-conscious, not sure in your decision, uncertain if it would be the right thing.

You could work in a full-time job at your age: Ah yes, that’s so true! It’s just that I’d actually be really happy with a part-time job. Thank you for your opinion. Friendly smile. 

You likely feel happy and even proud that you’re pursuing exactly what you want and what feels good to you.

Changing one single letter opens up so much opportunity, freedom and independence.

It’s not always easy to fight the “shoulds”, especially if you’ve lived with them for a long time, but if you are willing to do the work, it’s possible to free yourself from them and live true to yourself and make decisions that you’re happy with.

Questioning a “should” doesn’t mean that you don’t care about society, common law or the people around you, it simply means that you refuse to act automatically as it’s expected from you and instead ask yourself FIRST, how you want to react. You can then still choose to do what someone expects you to do, or not do it.

The magic is in the freedom of choice.

Oftentimes we don’t even know why we’re doing what we’re doing because it’s just how it has been done for ages and we don’t know any other way. But there is another way.

Inside Joy Academy I guide you to find out what you want. Better said I’ll help you to connect with YOUR inner voice so that YOU GUIDE YOURSELF to your answers. What do I really want? In any life situation you can tune in to your inner voice and also your body talks to you.

You’ll learn to listen, to be in a kind and gentle relationship with yourself while you enjoy your outside life the way you want to.

When you stop dancing to the tune of people’s opinion you start dancing with life to your own tune. And that's where all the fun and magic happens. That’s when you experience joy and lightness every single day.

  • If you want to change something, but don’t know where to start
  • If you want to act true to yourself but don’t know what that means
  • If you want to stop living your life on autopilot and take the steering wheel into your own hands

Join Joy Academy today by clicking HERE. If you want to discuss your decision with me, book a call here.

Joy Academy is a 12 month adventure that leads you to listening and respecting your feelings and allowing them to be your guide so that you can confidently make decisions that create more relaxation, light-heartedness, and creativity throughout your life.

Your life is too precious to be dictated by one little word. Become aware of what is important to you and how to act on it. Everything else will come together.

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