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Summer Storytime, filled with realizations of trust, love and feeling safe in your body

Aug 01, 2022

Swimming through pitchblack water with reflections of the night sky with my girl. That’s the perfect (little) summer adventure for me. I love summer and a good summer is when I go swimming in the lake or river as many times as possible.

Listen to the episode, where I tell you about how we just left home after 10pm and how this trip to the river let me have so many realizations about trust in myself, trust in my girl, trust in life. Feeling good in my body, feeling safe even around a group of drunk guys… you know how we think a million thoughts and make thousands of decisions every moment?

Feeling aligned and at HOME within yourself is so helpful and supportive to listen closely to the input of your senses, your intuition and your feelings. Life is just getting easy! Our mindset is the key for having joyful experiences wherever we go.

I’m curious which realization inspires you the most:

  • How to stay relaxed and connected when you spend time with your grumpy kid?  
  • How to enjoy the whole experience, even though things go wrong, taking it all in?
  • How to stay feeling safe within your body and soul while navigating 1000 thoughts?

If you are ready to build YOUR mindset in the way that it serves you so well and brings you these grounding feelings like trust and feeling safe and HOME within your mind and body and soul, join the Joy Academy. That’s exactly what we do there.

You do an inventory of your whole life and set your priorities where you want to start working on your mindset and your habits. 13 different masterclasses await you, where you work through your chosen topic and gain all the insights and answers from within yourself. Your amazing results - a combination of you DECIDING that things are changing now and building the thinking habits in the way that suits you best and supports you - await you already.

You learn how to trust yourself, how to feel supported by your mindset, your thoughts and your feelings. You let go of things that don’t serve you and create the magical life you want and deserve filled with JOY every day!



PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those blissful moments throughout your week and print the Joy Cards to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or lantern post. : )

PPS: Some impressions from our Summer adventure:



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