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How shall your December look and feel like? YOU decide!

Dec 02, 2020

Here we go, December is here with all the rules, the expectations and the activities we do. How do you spend your December? Stressing around? Managing everyone and everything? Taking care of relatives, buying presents, cooking all the food, decorate... or do you enjoy December in a relaxed, cozy and wonderful way?

The good news: YOU can decide yourself how your December shall look and feel like. Yes you can! My family Muller (my maiden name was Muller) decided about 20 years ago, that we quit the Christmas presents hustle. No presents policy. What a relief that was!! No stressing around with millions of people in the city. All the Christmas markets were all of a sudden a pleasure to just look and soak up the atmosphere. Mika, my girl finds that not super great, but she got used to it and gets spoiled around the year anyway. If you find that a very powerful idea and you want to quit gifting tons of presents too: Go for it! If you think that’s too spontaneous for this year, try it next year. If you looooove the present shopping and gifting, stick with it of course!! Just be aware that you can change up things and do it YOUR way. Maybe you can quit doing another thing and gain lots of time for yourself to take it slow and enjoy the season.

Maybe you are super thankful for the Covid-situation, that you don’t have 10 extra events you didn’t want to go all these years. If you miss the whole Christmas dinner vibes, invent online events with your co-workers: All dressed up in front of their computer? Yes? No way? Do it YOUR way! This Christmas is different anyway, so it’s a good time to reflect and think how you can create your ideal December eventhough the circumstances are taff!

Do you have an hour of your time to gift to yourself today? Watch the monthly Joy Academy-call to say goodbye to November (all the good things get appreciated and all the heavy things get tapped out of your system) and hello to «Dear December». You can watch it for free to see how we do things in the Joy Academy. Every month there is a call like this. You’ll feel that the year is richer and full of gooooood little and small things as you take the time to reflect and build awareness and gratitude. Try it and please tell me, what you think!

Watch this video first and then dive into the 60min long call for more magic and more good feelings in December!

PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments. : )

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