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Stop guilt, enjoy the food

Dec 08, 2020

Do you feel guilty after every piece of chocolate or the tiniest cookie? Do you beat yourself up after a great meal, that you should have had a smaller portion and that you'll be fatter by this evening because your stupid choices?

My dear Daddy always says: «It doesn't matter, what you eat between Christmas and New Year, it's importent what you eat between New Year and Christmas!»
I'd say, let's put the whole December in the basket and focus on JOY in this month and good and smart choices within the other 11 months.

If you are laughing out loud now because in the year of lockdowns and other upside down circumstances you didn't follow any of your good habits? Well, beating yourself up about that is not helping too, right?

My wisdom on the gigantic food topic: Enjoy what your eating and eat it with full awareness, taste the full glory of what you have (stuffed) in your mouth and feeeel the goodness! Guilt is just damaging the fun and the acutal problem! You could feed two people with a similar body type, same age etc. the same diet and one of them should feel guilty about everything he or she is eating and the other one should just enjoy... (this is not scientifically proven or if so, please tell me the source... it's only in my mind, but I'm very sure about it ; ) which one will gain weight?

Noooo, this is not a weight loosing video! I think we should ditch guilt and focus on JOY and then, ask our bodies, how they feel. In the Joy Academy I have one full month of Food Bliss as a topic. The one thing which was so helpful to alot of clients already was the meditation in the masterclass. I'll tell you the details what you experience in the meditation, ok? It's maybe a little spooky, but so so cool and very effective to change your mindset.

PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments. : )

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