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Gain Energy by Meditating

Sep 03, 2020

Do you find meditation boring? Or did you never ever tried it and don't think that this is gonna happen anytime soon? Watch the video and challenge me. I bet I can convince you to at least try the golden bubble meditation - for free - without risk - you don't have to tell anybody that you DID THAT... : )

The cool thing about guided meditation is, that even though everybody is listening to the same "storyline", you can see and experience (totally) different things.

I was working as a primary school teacher for one year (I gave in my notice soon after I started, because these little devils were NOT my jam... instead I was thriving with my teenager students at the professional school ; )). It was 4 hours per week, a math & science learning workshop for the highly gifted kids. I was desperately researching for a way to always start into our time together in a creative way until I asked my genius friend, who is the children’s whisperer of any age. She suggested to kick the lessons off with a "fantasy-journey" and gave me a book with meditative stories for kids.

That's what I did and after that I let the girls and boys draw a little painting about what they've experienced in their imagination while lying under or on the desks or wherever they made themselves comfortable while I was reading the story. These drawings and the kids explanations of them blew my mind. That's what I always remember when I do my morning meditation in the Joyacademy Facebookgroup with my clients. They afterwards write in the comments what they've seen and did and had fun with...and it's just a treat to read these different short stories about what they experienced. I'm in awe every single time!

 If you think: Crazy lady Ronja, WHAT are you talking about!!?? Ok, ok, ok, I back up a little bit. The meditation I want to gift you, is an easy one and I tell you exactly what to think and imagine and I guarantee youuuuuu, if you do this golden bubble meditation for a week, you'll feel the difference.

You have more energy during your day, you feel grounded, really grounded and it's just so much easier to stay calm and or cool if some things bother you in your everyday life. Shall I tell you what happens, so that you don't freak out or just don't try it at all?

So we stand up tall (WTF, isn't meditation always done in seated position with some weird pillows??) breath deep and close our eyes. You can do that, right? The next thing is weird, I agree, but just try it, ok? "Imagine that it would be possible, that roots are growing out of your feet into the ground".... that's a trick for your subconscious, that we ONLY imagine that it WOULD be possible... otherwise your thinking mind is constantly mocking you and commenting like a wild complaining monkey, that THIS is the stupidest thing ever.

So let these roots grow into the ground anyway and you can follow them in your mind like you would hold a camera going down and looking at them, how they grow with ease, super fast through all the layers of the earth until they reach the middle of the planet (YEAH, you know what happens to these roots down there...? They BURN... it's hot down there Miss Sakata...) where there is an infinite pool of golden (glittery (you like glitter?? ; ))) energy.

Your roots really enjoy the dip into this golden energy and with your deep and steady breathing you pump up this golden energy through your roots, up, up, up until it reaches your feet.

BTW, I adore you, that you read this and I beg you: Try the meditation. Do it. Reading it is not the same as experiencing this. I know it's (a little) crazy, but WHO cares if you feel energized and ready for this wild world afterwards, yes?

So, you fill your body with this golden energy, you imagine every part of your body filled with this powerful golden (glittery ;) ) energy floating and circulating through every bone and organ and cell of your body...up until it streams like a fountain out of your head and you find yourself in a round golden energy curtain. The last step is: You push this "curtain" out and all of a sudden it transforms into a golden bubble. A perfect golden energy bubble around you. Take this bubble with you all day long. (YEAH in your mind, of cooourse!!! : )) You can call me crazy all day long AND imagine, that the energy bubble is around you.

Guided meditation is only one of many types of meditation. I once had the honor to attend a Zen meditation in the mountains of Osaka in Japan. I felt like in a movie in this venue with the tatami-mats on the floor and 3000 mini buddha statues lined up on the side. The task was: Don't think anything and just sit in the quiet. Uuuuh, THAT was hard. I enjoyed it immensely to dive deep into my beloved Japanese culture, but in my morning I want to let my mind soar and experience cool stuff, so guided meditation is my choice. Find out, what YOUR perfect match is. Start your trial with the golden bubble, ok? 

Use it to give you power during that meeting, while having a difficult conversation, in public transport, in your car, on the streets. You can adjust its size anytime and play around with it (yeah again, in your mind... your mind is fu*ing powerful and your imagination is the best tool to face reality). I hope at least ONE time during your day, you just have to laugh, because of the craziness I persuaded you in to... Set this golden bubble up every morning for a week and THEN you can decide if this is something you want to keep in your habits for stepping up your life-game or if guided meditation is NOT FOR YOU! DEAL? 

I love you for being openminded and brave to try this: HERE is the link for the download. 

Fill out the JOYOMETER for last week!

I show you my joyometer in the video and comment on it, but here you go for reading it in your timing. This is not about me, this is about YOU. Print out the new September-Design and answer the questions: What made me happy? What did I do for MYself last week? Who inspired me? etc. You don't need this template, it's just helpful. Use your notebook, use a piece of paper, but WRITE down, what was good and positive and wonderful about last week. Start to do this exercise from now on "forever" and you'll feel gradually how your life changes. Just. By. Focusing. On. What. You. Love. About. Your. Life! Easy, right? Yessss! Just DO it! 

Tell me, what you think after a week of golden bubbles and filling out the joyometer, ok? 

PS: If you want to work on your mindset for a whole year and just dive deep in your own wisdom and power: Join the Joy Academy! It's incredibly rewarding how fast you feel different: Powerful, confident, "this actually works"... it's not rocket science, it's your decision to change things up, to think differently, to go all in for YOU! If you have any questions about the Joy Academy, comment here or send me an email: [email protected] 

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