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Summer Plans on the Blog & the Podcast

Jul 16, 2021

Finally our SUMMER BREAK is here in Zurich, Switzerland! I'm looking forward to 5 blissful weeks of mountain-air and camping. We're staying in the hood this year.

What are your summer plans?

During these 5 weeks I decided to take a break with the newsletters, instead, we're going all in on the blog and the podcast to promote the "Seven golden days". It's such a wonderful week of reflection, journaling and meditation and if you haven't yet participated, it's now an email-sequence and you get everything delivered to your inbox by signing up here: 

Watch the video to learn about all the wonderful changes starting at September first! I'm looking forward very much to a new concept with more focus on the main pillars for creating JOY: Vision, Mindset and Habits. I worked on my concept in the last weeks and I'll explain it to you in the video. So much clarity. I looove it!

So you will hear from me the next time at the first of September and I wish you the very best and most wonderful summer (or winter, if you are downunder). Take care of you, what you want and need matters!!

I will be active on social media and happy to connect with you there!

If you are on instagram, let's connect there:

Big hug to you, thank you for being here and making this world a better place with me!

Lots of love,


PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments and print the Joy Cards below to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or latern post. : )



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