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22 Facts about me - tell me yours ❤

Oct 16, 2020

Years ago there was a trend in the blog-world (back then Instagram didn’t exist yet) about a «20 facts about me» challenge. I still have a blogpost on this, where I sometimes go and fact-check my facts. I remember that I wrote: I would love to be a vegetarian, but I think I can't manage this change in this lifetime. Then I changed it to I'm a lazy vegetarian, because I love fish and I'm nearly half Japanese, so fish is mandatory. Now I changed my diet to 98% plant based... if I only knew, when I wrote this article for the first time, that I'll be vegan in THIS lifetime... : ) I don't know if I would have believed it.

We are changing living beings and I LOOOOVE THAT FACT! Every day I can decide who I want to be, how I want to interact with the people I meet - family - friends - strangers, how I want to feel and what I eat, what I think... I can CHOOSE! I love nothing more than this freedom.

That would be a fact too: I love my freedom so much. I always ask my Mastermind-Members to introduce themselves with 22 facts. (20 is boring... ; )) I love multiple digits... (oh, another fact ; )) This is so much fun and an easy way to tell some things about yourself without having the pressure of a CV beginning by your birthday.

Will you share your 22 facts about you, when I share mine with you? I would love to get to know you better!

Here are mine. Freshly written at the beginning of October 2020.

I just remembered, that I did a 20 facts about me (why not 22??) insta-stories-series 2 years ago. I'll post the pics below so that you can have a look at the pictures and facts I chose back then, ok?

  1. I grew up on a construction site of the very old house my parents reformed with friends over the time of 45 years. When I was 6 years old, my sister and I came out of the house with open umbrellas - because we liked to open them inside already - a man passing by commented: «Well inside THIS house it must be raining too?!». It really looked so shabby and now it's a dream!
  2. My second most favorite place after the house I grew up in is the mountain valley, where my grandfather bought a mountain cabin, built in 1817. I love to be up there in every season of the year. I love that it's so quiet at night, you hear absolutely nothing, only the river down in the valley and maybe, if my father is already asleep, his snoring.
  3. I am a tall girl, 5.84feet - 178cm. This is especially obvious when I'm in Japan. My mother in law is tiny compared to me. I'm glad that Ken, my husband, couldn't care less, that he is smaller than me. He was kind of the hero in Japan, that he dated that giant ginger hair foreigner girl.  
  4. Japan is my love since I'm a kid. When my wish came true to live in Japan 2001 I was the happiest person ever. It was like coming home. I feel deeply connected to the land and its people. I speak fluent Japanese (not perfect, but I can say what I want : )) and I have the best family in law and the best friends there. Lucky me!
  5. I love slides. If there is a slide, I have to use it. Sorry not sorry. In my dreamhouse there is a slide from the top floor to the entrance. I already have visuals for this and there will be a ball pit too. Playgrounds are my favorite place to be!
  6. Sport is not my priority. I'm lazy. I played Ultimate Frisbee for 10 years intensly but not very successfully : ), but it was a great and fun time and I think that filled my sport-allotment full to the brim. I do move my body to feel good and I love yoga and hiking and snowboarding and skiing but very very moderate : ) and that's ok.
  7. My new hero is Rachel Rodgers of Her mission is to help women to become millionaires, because that's the way to safe this world! Cool, huh? I want to become a millionaire for a long time already, still working on it, but hey, if I sell my Joy Academy 1802 times, I'm already a millionaire. If I raise my price for this absolutely amazing year long joy membership it's even less. I know nearly 2000 is not nothing, but it's not that I have to sell it 4890940 times : ) 5 per day would be the trick. Are you the next one? Check it out here:
  8. Creating joy and enjoying every day is my urgent mission every day. We don't know how long we are here, so I want to enjoy it NOW. With whom I spend time right now and with what I have and where I am right now. I don't need much to feel joy. I don't need a certain surrounding or even company. I can create joy in my whole body, just because I want to. : ) Call me crazy, but this is the truth. Of course, wonderful people to spend time with, a gorgeous meal, an amazing view, a snowboard underneath my feet... all this helps to feel extra joyful. I teach you the art of enjoying your life, feeling good in your body and your mind... nope, I don't have the same plan for everybody. YOU work through the tools and tricks and exercises and unleash your wisdom and create your JOY tailored to your vision, your wishes and your personality. Joy is personal and that's what I love about it.
  9. I can't speak or write on point. It's always lengthy. See the last fact. But this one is so short! : )
  10. I love all the colors of the rainbow. No pastels please! I want full saturation. My most favorite colors are pink, blue, yellow and GOLD. Yes, my logo is showing this. 
  11. Every morning from Monday to Thursday I do a golden bubble meditation with my Joy Academy members at 5:55 in our private Facebook group. It gives you energy for your whole day, protects you and brings a smile on your face, when you imagine walking through the streets with your golden bubble around you. Wanna try? Download it here.
  12. I loooooove multiple digits! When I see number plates with a 444 or even a 4444 or a 44444, that makes me super happy. It's like a wink from the Universe. : ) If you believe in winks (you bet, I do ) you can even look up the meaning of the number you see very often. I love the messages. The little things make the difference in your day. If you love butterflies and you decide, that every time you see a butterfly it's a message that everything is working out fine. Guess what? You'll have an opportunity to feel good every time you see a butterfly. It's all in our head... mindset is KEY and brings JOY. : )   
  13. When I was eight, I finally was allowed to play the violin. My dream came true. Until I was 20 years old, I played quite well, but I also fought over practicing the whole time with my mother. Phew, I swore to myself, that if I'd ever have kids, I'll never repeat this pattern. Mika just started to play the piano. I'm not involved at all in the practicing, but I love to see her joy and progress a LOT! On top of that she plays the piano of my beloved grandmother, who died before Mika was born. This is very special to me. She bought this piano from her first saved up money and it's built in 1915!
  14. I had very short hair and everybody thought, that I'm a boy. I always wanted to be a woman, but I didn't want to do the hair-makeup-cloth-thing at all. I think that was my way of getting around it. My feet were too big for fancy shoes anyway. Back then there was only one very expensive store with shoes for ladies. So I didn't care anyway. I had my sneakers, my jeans and my hoodies, one ear ring and a hairstyle inspired by the singer of the Swedish band Roxette. I swore, that I'll never have long hair and wear makeup. (Note to my younger self: Don't do promises to yourself without any backup-plan ; ))
  15. Are you still reading? I love you! I love reading and I read the longest blog posts and books. Will you show me your 22 facts about you? Send it to [email protected] or post it to the free facebook group or even better into the Joy Academy-Group, where we get to know each other the bestest! PS: When I was a kid, our librarian in the village I grew up in let me take 10 books per week instead of 4. That's how much I loved books and maybe the reason why I'm not better at sports? ; ) : ) I was always reading.
  16. My dream is to produce a children’s book series with golden bubble meditation-stories. The meditation as an audio-download is included into the book too. I am drawing and illustrating more and more so that I'll be ready to one day paint what is in my head as crystal clear pictures. Maybe you are an illustrator and we do this project together? We'll see!
  17. I am made (not born) in America, in Iowa city. My parents both wanted to go there after they got married for different reasons. Imagine my mother saying: «Honey I want to go to Iowa City because my godfather lives there». My father answered: «Oh how perfect, there is the best lab for hydraulic research, and I want to work there». So off they went and we returned often. I went to kindergarten there and in total I lived there for a year. I love Iowa city and all the wonderful friends we know there.  
  18. As a kid I always wished for a walkie talkie, which can reach the whole world AND a polaroid-camera which can make infinite pics. Well... guess what: I love my iPhone. I'm addicted to taking pics and to talk to all my favorite people around the globe. That's why I love my podcast so much! Have you heard an episode yet? Go and tune in here:
  19. I co-own a Japanese salad dressing company. : ) My first real job was to build up the production from a recipe my former boss used in his restaurant for the house dressing. The customers begged for some sauce to take home and after a while he thought: Let's hire the food engineer wife of my sushi-chef to build a proper production line. That was the beginning in 2005. Three years later I bought the whole enterprise together with three friends. We founded a new company and it grew from a baby to a big thriving wonderful company thanks to all our hard work in the beginning. Now it's run by one of us four owners and he does a damn good job! Check them out here: Oh and there was an article about the dressings last week.
  20. For four weeks I was working in a circus as an intern. That was in 1997, the summer after graduating highschool. I made popcorn and sold sweets in the break, I helped the kitchen team to prepare meals for the whole crew, I helped the marketing team to put up the posters everywhere, at the villages and cities we were 2 weeks later (no social media back then), I helped building up the tent and store it in the trucks again, I painted the beautiful old wooden wagons and had a million more jobs. I met such great people and I'm still friends with some of them
  21. I believe in past lives. Well actually I don't believe it, I know that they are true. : ) Have you tried a past life session yet? If not you are not able to judge this. Nooo, a past life session is not, that someone tells you over the top fairytales about you being a famous Native American chief or a pharao in Egypt. You see yourself in these old environments like in a movie. If you close your eyes and think of yesterday, can you see the details? Tell what you had for dinner and how your bathroom looked like when you brushed your teeth. Yes? Ok, so it's exactly the same, when you go back in your past lives. You see scenes and people and what happened hundreds of years back as clearly as the tooth brushing scene. Why would you want to know? I did. And I love this addition to my reality. I know that my closest people are with me through many lifetimes and that gives me a great feeling. If you're curious, tell me, I can be your guide to past lives if you want!
  22. I love my life so much. I love my family. I love my friends. I love to live in Switzerland. I love Japan. I love my work. I love our apartment. I love the food I eat, the books I read, the thoughts I have. I love the tools and techniques I implement every day. Oooh, I love my clients. I love my Joy Academy-Members. I love my blog readers... this is you! I love you! And I love gratitude. Time and time again I’m fully aware of my blessings but also, that I've built my life this way. We can choose so much. And above everything we can choose who we want to be and how we want to act on the stage of life. Thank you for reading until the end of my epic long 22 facts.

Will you write this for you? Maybe not even for showing somebody else, just for you? Put a date on the sheet of paper or write the date in your notebook. In a few years you'll read it again and be amazed how you changed, you wonderful multi-talented person you?

If you want to share your facts, I'm superhappy to read them in my free Joy-Facebookgroup. I promise you that I'll honor your 22 facts and I'll answer something nice!

In earlier days I was so judgmental. I commented on everything and everybody and judged somehow... I'm embarrassed to think back on this! In the meantime I learned, that ANY person has a super interesting story if you take your time to listen, truly listen to the highs and lows of the glorious life he or she or they had. The fears and worries, the joy and happy times, everything is interesting and inspiring. That's why I love my podcast so much. Check it out here:

So I celebrate YOU and YOUR life and my life and the life of my loved ones and the lives of the ones I did not meet yet and the ones I'll never meet. We all walk on this beautiful exeptionell planet together and I love the thought, that I'll meet you next within the 22 facts about YOU!

Have a wonderful day, wherever you live

My 20 facts from 2018:


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