Self Care Starts Here

blog Aug 28, 2020

Negative self-talk and positive self-talk... both have such a gigantic effect on our confidence and performance!

Soon after I was born, a little red spot appeared on my right cheek and started to grow. It got bigger and bigger and was flashy red within a short period of time.

Every single person who saw me commented: «Oh noo, what happened to this baby?» or «Oh my gosh, what is THAT?» The doctors already told my mom: «We have to cut this out!»

Then an elderly midwife saw me and immediately said: «That’s a nice hemangioma there! NO worries, this will grow for one year and then fade away on itself over time. You don’t have to do anything!»

That was the kind of information my mother wanted to hear. She wasn’t concerned since the beginning, but now she was completely calm.

She stayed cool with every comment and didn’t care at all, that she had «an ugly» child.

I am so freaking grateful that she didn’t...

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Looking out for the good things in life

blog Aug 20, 2020

Are you a worst scenario - imagining person or a focusing on the positive kind of person?

I talked with Heather Robinson in this week’s podcast episode about how she always thought of the worst possible thing to happen, so that she wouldn't be disappointed too much. Over the years and with learning about the Law of Attraction she slowly changed that to expecting the BEST and focusing on what's good in her life.

I came into the «let's expect the best» even in the bad stuff- game quite early on. My father always told us to figure things out my sister and I wanted to do. When I wanted to go to Japan for my internship in 2001 for my food engineering-studies, he told me the same thing. Let's write some emails to all our Japanese contacts first. I had some chances to do research on algae or maybe in a baking goods company. But then the email of Nakajima sensei arrived with the question: What kind of products do you like? Wohooo I get to choose? Well I'd love to learn...

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