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My blind date in a hotelroom in London

Apr 03, 2024

It was in December 2024 when I responded to “Who wants to be my roomie?”. I just knew it: “ME!” Two months later I walked into that hotel room in London and met Madalena for the first time in person, who I was about to share a bed with. (We still share rooms now…but more about that later ; ) AND I like to have my own bed now ; ))

We attended Denise Duffield-Thomas’ first live event in February 2015. The first night was a speech by Denise with an audience of 300, the second day a VIP-day with 30 women and at the VIP-dinner at night we were maybe 12? I figured, if I fly all the way to London, I book the whole experience. Madalena flew in from California with the same plan. We clicked immediately. Do you know that amazing feeling when you meet somebody new and you just know you met your new best friend?

I met many more wonderful women from Denise’s “Money Bootcamp” which is an online program with a big supportive Facebook group-community. It was SO GOOD to meet everybody in person. I love the online world and I love in person connections more.

For example Angie Taylor, we met in the group, in person at the event and when I was looking for an EFT (emotional freedom technique) professional, I remembered her business and booked 10 sessions. I also interviewed her in a podcast episode (listen to it here).

Or Sarah Leather who led the two Portugal retreats I loved so much and I learned what a mastermind is with being part of her groups.

Suzy Ashcroft was there, who is now a superstar entrepreneur.

Oh and my now bestie Prita Grealy (Podcast with her) too! Funnily we didn’t meet during that event. It took us another 2 years or so to “find us”.

Madalena Fossatti and Ronja Sakata were in the room too. We had the best time together and nobody believed that we just met to be roomies.

She did my hair for the gorgeous dinner with the limousine ride and I served her breakfast in bed in the morning. Just normal things “old” friends do, right?

Well now, Madalena IS an old friend and I am so incredibly grateful for our relationship. It’s so easy. It’s so uplifting. So encouraging and supportive. We don’t need a lot of touchpoints during the year, we don’t text daily…but every once in a while we have a 4 hour long phone call or….much better…. We visit(ed) each other. She came over for my 40th birthday. She came for a stay with her man, I went to Santa Barbara, we met in San Francisco…she came to Switzerland… and I will meet her again in 2 weeks!

Visiting Santa Barbara (My parents named me Anna Barbara because of Santa Barbara…read that story HERE) hanging out, adjusting my jetlag and then we’ll cruise down the coast with the Amtrak-train and attend a 3 day speaker training near San Diego. Lucky, lucky me!

Fun fact, when I land in Santa Barbara I’ll hear a voice: “Welcome to the Santa Barbara airport” and guess who’s voice it’ll be? You guessed right: Madalena Fossati. She’s a voice artist, a trombone teacher, a comedian, a trivia host, fitness instructor and a tour guide on the Landshark in Santa Barbara. Listen to the podcast interview I did with her here. She is basically THE BEST.

I will tell you more about my California-adventures in my insta stories for sure and if you have any questions, let me know!

At the event in London I declared that I will be a public speaker. The goal seemed immense back then… in November 2015 I did my big Japan speech (you can read about that HERE) After that I did some few speaking gigs over the years but NOW in 2024 I want to take it to another level and go all in. That’s why I’m attending that training in San Diego, where we’ll share a room again, just with two beds ; ).

2024 is 3 months old today. What are you excited about to experience, learn, be, do, have, STOP, START, continue, change, enjooooy in the second quarter? April, May and June are awaiting you.

Let’s create joy every day.
Let’s be kind to ourselves and the people around us.
Let’s communicate peacefully and from our heart (if you want to know about that new relationship-communication-course I’ve built in February & March, let me know. It turned out amaaazing and you’ll make your adult relationships 100 times stronger…!)
Let’s have a great time and take excellent care of ourselves.

I love you!

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