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Summer Series - Where am I at right now?

Jul 28, 2021

Where are you right now in your life? In your job, living situation, family... In one area it can be wonderful, in another you might have the need to change a lot. That's what this video is about, I hope you enjoy it. In the "Seven Golden Days" you can dive into this topic with meditation and the wheel of life, so that you can see and experience it visually in front of you!

Are you in for an adventure? : ) It's free and my gift to you! <3

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PS: Print out the Joyometer and fill it out for last week. It's worth taking time for this review of the GOOD things. It brings you joy and energy. The Joy Cards are for creating small moments of joy: Print them out, cut them out and hang them up. That's fun! : )


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