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What did I achieve?

Nov 01, 2021

What did I achieve?? There is so much pressure in this question. So confronting! But don’t we do this? Ask ourselves? Where did this year go? It’s already November… and then...maybe the self-doubts kick in and our inner critics tell us that we are a failure and just too lazy to achieve our goals.

You shake your head with astonishment, because your inner voices are cheering you on? GOOD for you!! That is the way it should be, right? Life is more fun with positive thoughts in our head and heart. It sure would be!

To work on our mindset is an ongoing life long game, but like body building, these mindset-muscles get stronger and stronger if you give them clear and positive tasks to work on.

What did I achieve in 2021? What did I actually want to achieve? Did I want to achieve anything?

A new job? New apartment? Find the love of my life? Marry? Get pregnant? 

Or little things like: This year I will clean out my garage!  - I will eat healthy - I quit smoking - I sleep more!

Did you plan your year last January? Do you have your goals and wishes written down or even on a vision board?

I am a big fan of vision boards and I always do one in January, which helps me to stay focused the whole year. It’s not all about materialistic things, like a wish list to Santa. It’s also about how I want to feel and people I want to spend time with and how I want to treat myself!

This year I have the yoga-head-stand big and fat on my visionboard, but ooops I not yet invested any time and effort into learning this skill. Did I achieve it yet? Nope! But hey, I have two full months ahead of me!!! Isn't’ that GREAT?

I declare November to my headstand-practice and I will keep you updated how it goes.

Why do I tell you all these things? Of course, so that YOU think of your January-thoughts and wishes and what you already did achieve and do and feel and learn in 2021 and I’m so sure, that it’s AMAZING what you’ve experienced!!

If you feel low or desperate OR if you are full of energy and ready to rock the rest of the year: Join me for a 5 day live-challenge in a pop up Facebook group, where we look back on 2021 in very, very, VERY fun, meaningful and inspiring ways! It’s free and it will be so much fun. Sign up HERE today and save your spot. We start at Thursday 25th of November and run until Monday 29th of November.

After this event you are so ready for a relaxed December and then for a new shiny year!

But first, we have 30 days of November in front of us. How amazing is this!? In the Joy Academy community, we said goodbye to October yesterday in a meditation and this morning, we met November 2021 for the first time. These monthly live-calls are so precious. 

How does your November look like? Is this month female? Male? Transgender? A fairytale figure? Think of it and communicate with your month: What do we want to be - do - have? What would be so much fun? What do we want to achieve?

Look back at 2021 with me together at the live-event. Sign up here:

I’m wishing you an amazing month full of appreciation for what's in the past and full of excitement for what will happen today - tomorrow - the day after tomorrow… YOU are in charge of your life and if you hear only critics in your head and you don’t know how to handle these self-doubt-monsters, tell me, I’ll send you the replay of last week's webinar again!

Lot’s of loooove and take good care of yourself!  

PS: Fill out the Joyometer and collect all those good moments and print the Joy Cards below to bring some JOY into your neighborhood, with a joyful message on a park bench or latern post. : )


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