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Looking out for the good things in life

Aug 20, 2020

Are you a worst scenario - imagining person or a focusing on the positive kind of person?

I talked with Heather Robinson in this week’s podcast episode about how she always thought of the worst possible thing to happen, so that she wouldn't be disappointed too much. Over the years and with learning about the Law of Attraction she slowly changed that to expecting the BEST and focusing on what's good in her life.

I came into the «let's expect the best» even in the bad stuff- game quite early on. My father always told us to figure things out my sister and I wanted to do. When I wanted to go to Japan for my internship in 2001 for my food engineering-studies, he told me the same thing. Let's write some emails to all our Japanese contacts first. I had some chances to do research on algae or maybe in a baking goods company. But then the email of Nakajima sensei arrived with the question: What kind of products do you like? Wohooo I get to choose? Well I'd love to learn about the production of candies, bubble gum, ice cream, powder drinks, instant noodle soups and general sweets. A few weeks later he wrote: Ok, I've organized you an internship at the development laboratory of Kanebo foods, which produces bubble gum, ice cream, hard and soft candy, powder drinks, powder sweets for kids and instant cup noodles.
TALKING ABOUT ASKING AND RECEIVING! He also organized me the most amazing kind and fun home stay family in Takatsuki, the city where the bubble gum & candy factory was located beside the research laboratory where all the awesome new products got invented, tested and developed. How lucky was I? Even luckier as I found out later, because I met my husband 2 weeks after arrival underneath the blooming cherry blossom trees at the company's early hanami BBQ.

We got married two years after we met. There were a lot of doubting voices around me... this is a big risk. You barely know each other. Are you sure about the cultural differences... I just knew that I never have to take care of this guy, he is the most independent human I know and so am I... AND I can imagine us sitting on a bench at the lake being 80 years old with a good feeling in my body... soooo WHY WORRY? I expect the BEST! This was 17 years ago and our lives unfolded beautifully together AND for each of us individually.

This is the big life stuff and I hope you can be and stay positive about the big topics too! But more importantly in my eyes are the little things. Missing a bus or a train? You can be upset, super angry or chilled and easy. Your choice. : ) I go even further. I imagine that because I missed this bus I'll meet somebody awesome or somebody I didn't see in a while in the NEXT bus... or I think: Well if I'd had been in the previous bus, something bad might had happened to me and I'm glad the Universe or god or whatever YOU believe in... protected me from this.

Is this too dreamy for you? To «rose colored glasses»-wearing? I just prefer this outlook on life. It's more fun AND what you focus on happens, what you give your time and energy to, manifests. It's the Law of Attraction, which you could get pissed off by or you use it for your own personal awesome favor!

I want to introduce you to a simple tool to improve your focus on the good stuff in your life, every week: The JOYOMETER. : ) Sit down after a hopefully awesome week and think through your days and collect the wonderful - nice - shiny - little or big - joyful things which happened to you or which you created for yourself and others.

Click here for the free download and print it out. The big magic is happening if you DO this little journaling prompt. I always teach my JOY Mastermind-members this exercise to look back on the week and think of all the good stuff and then look out into the new week and make some fun plans... little or big ones. Will you try this? You don't do it for me, you're doing it for YOURSELF and I promise you that you'll feel the difference, especially if you stick to this habit for let's say 2 months!? I hope that after that, you don't want to miss it anyway. That's when we installed a new habit! That's the coolest thing.

If you want to install a ton of good, amazing and success-bringing habits, join the Joy Academy! You'll find out what exactly you want in your life (the mind boggling dreamy things included) and then go and turn yourself into your awesome future self-version with all the skills and habits you are now thinking of but not implementing. Let's do it! Sign up HERE!

You want to get the newest «Let's create joy podcast»-episode and my weekly Joy-live-video in your inbox, sign up HERE. You get the joy-cards as a gift and my awesome golden bubble meditation for more energy and being centered all day long. Try it and tell me, what you think in my free Facebook group: Join here!

That's about it : )
Get the Joyometer and fill it out, ok? Take a picture and post it into your insta-stories and tag me with @joyismycompass and @ronjasakata I'll repost it with so much JOY, because you inspire others to do this! Let's create joy and the ripple effect goes around the world. Thank you for being YOU!

With lots of JOY

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