Kevin Laylor talks about the ripple effects of connecting people

podcast Jan 06, 2021

I met Kevin Laylor two years ago at a Brendon Burchard event in California where we enjoyed a great evening together among friends. I’m very happy to share this conversation with you as I perceive Kevin exactly as he describes himself: «I am simply a giver to people». Dive into our talk to find out why, how and what hugs have got to do with it. Enjoy.

Kevin says that there’s a thing about connecting people together, about watching people coming up with ideas, aha moments, friendships… «That is the ripple effect I want to be part of».

Kevin is a life coach that coaches other life coaches: «I want to see them own their own crafts».

«There is just a joy being around people enjoying their crafts», Kevin

«I really believe that the joy that other people have, let people look for opportunities to see the good in something», Kevin

I ask Kevin my favorite questions: What brings you joy?

Kevin answers that he enjoys...

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Thank you 2020 - Hello 2021

blog podcast Dec 28, 2020

Create the best year ever for you in 2021!

Write your vision on paper and bring it to reality in the next new and fresh year of 2021!

Do you think: «Haaah, haaah, Ronjaaaa! We all know it better. 2020 was a mess and we had big plans and they got all destroyed by a global pandemic!!!»

Well, we don't plan the circumstances and other people in our vision. Circumstances can change and the humans we love are free to experience 2021 in their own unique way. We can imagine them as ideally as we can wish for and how ideally, we can imagine them to be, though. But...

...the main act of your vision is YOU!

What do you want for YOURSELF, personally? What do you want to experience? Learn from scratch? Create? Invent? Discover? What kind of hobby would you love to restart? Or finally start? Would you like to improve your photography skills? You could book a course online or in real life? Or you could imagine all the wonderful places you'll take pictures: In your backyard or at a famous...

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Farahdja Maria Casseus talks about the importance of listening to your own body

podcast Dec 23, 2020

Farahdja Maria Casseus from Montreal CA is a Nutrition Coach, a chef and a Neuro-Active Coach. Listening to her story is not only super interesting but also very inspiring. Farah’s story shows how much our body can tell us if we only listen. Grab your favorite snack (or else this episode will leave you hungry ; )) and enjoy this talk about the right ingredients in life and the right spices in cooking.

As always, I start this talk with my favorite questions: What brings you joy?

«What brings me joy is to bring myself to grow, I love growing, I love goals, I love using my hands to do things, I love being creative and helping other people», Farah answers.

«We see in others a reflection of ourselves, so it’s a mutual thing, I help people growing and they help me growing», Farah

«I love cooking and eating, my father is a chef, and my mom is a great cook too. I create recipes, I write in magazines, I have a blog and I have an online coaching...

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Madalena Fossatti on creating joy no matter the circumstances

podcast Dec 09, 2020

Madalena and I are friends since we shared a hotel room during a live event of Denise Duffield-Thomas in London back in 2015. We had good times in Switzerland and in America since then and I’m so happy to have this talk with her. Madalena’s zone of genius is connecting and having fun, she just shines and it’s the best thing to spend time with her. She’s like a kaleidoscope offering a huge variety of colorful facets and her laughter and joy are simply contagious. Dive into this episode and enjoy.
Madalena lives in in the State of California, in the small beach town Santa Barbara. «Especially during these crazy times, I have experienced a lot of gratitude for where I live, it’s a beautiful place», she says. «I do a lot of different interesting things». Pre-covid Madalena did tourist-tours in Santa Barbara, she’s a musician, artist and a voice-over artist. If you’re ever at the Santa Barbara Airport you’ll...

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Mike Wolf on going from a workaholic to a playaholic

podcast Nov 25, 2020

I met Mike at Brendon Burchard’s Experts Academy a few years ago and I’m so happy to introduce you to Mike in this episode. His journey is incredible and his take on life is simply awesome. Mike is authentic from the inside out, beaming and shining throughout our call, enjoying his life to the fullest whilst helping countless others. Have fun listening to this episode and tell us how you liked it!

Mike is a real estate investor who also doing a lot of mentoring. «People sign up for a real estate training but really they get a personal development course disguised as a real estate training», Mike says smiling. He has been an entrepreneur all his life. Going back in time, Mike says that he didn’t feel a lot of joy. He was a workaholic, running around all the time. «Over time I learned how to change my currency from money to happiness and joy and fulfillment», he adds. Today he shares his story with us about how he switched from a workaholic...

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Terri Wade on why everybody should have a spiritual foundation

podcast Nov 11, 2020

I met Terri at a Brendon Burchard event a few years ago and it’s so awesome, that the technology allows us to connect like this again! Terri is such a wonderful person and you can feel and see that everything she says really comes from the bottom of her heart. Open yourself up for this thought provoking but still comfortably soothing conversation and fill your energy cup up to the fullest.

Terri is a Life & Business coach for lady entrepreneurs. «I want to help people to connect to their soul purpose here on earth», Terri says. One of her passions is to help people transform their mindset and their lifestyle to live a life of freedom.

«We only have one life and I want to live my life how I want», Terri

Terri wants to inspire people to do what they love and what brings them joy. Her mission and purpose is to inspire others to do what lights them up.

I ask Terri: How do you create JOY?

«I love laughing, I think laughing is medicine for the...

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Leanne Rose Dorish on how to find yourself

podcast Oct 28, 2020

Leanne is a well-known guest on this podcast as one of the roundtable participants and I am super happy that Leanne agreed to be my guest once more! We talk about Leanne’s own story, about how you can find yourself and we also talk about the balance between knowing what’s going on in the world and keeping our joy. I’d say you listen to this one first and then go back and listen to all the others as well. : )

Leanne is a trauma counselor and a NICU mum, her son was born 9 weeks early which «catapulted me into tying these two worlds together», Leanne says. She has an online resource for families and organisations and offers workshops for hospitals around the world to bring self-care to the staff, «so they don’t get psychic trauma and can be their best selves in their work with our angels that come either too soon or need special care».

I ask Leanne my favorite question: How do you create joy?

«I don’t take joy lightly,...

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David Saint-Pierre on the power of fears and listening

podcast Oct 14, 2020

I met David in the Bo Eason-group on Facebook and I’m super happy to get to know him in this talk. David tells us his story about how he became who he is today, how he went from struggling with expectations and limiting beliefs to living an independent and free life. Get ready for a lot of inspiration! : )

David was 8 years old, when he started dreaming of becoming an architect, «I thought my father would be so proud of me». From the age 8 to 16 he helped his father at his work and learned everything about construction during that time, after which he tried to get into architecture school, but was refused. He then became a project manager in a school board, «I was 19, learned a lot about project management, made 45’000$ per year, had a lot of free time and lived with my parents», David says. After a few years David wanted to reconnect with his childhood dream of becoming an architect, so he went to design school planning to do the masters in...

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Coach Fard Bell on creating joy in every circumstance

podcast Sep 30, 2020

I met Coach Fard Bell at a Speakers Mastermind Event where we had a lot of fun together, so I’m super happy to spend this hour talking with Fard who is at least as joyful as me. : ) He sparkles with joy while talking about his take on how to create joy even in hard times. It is a delight to listen to him, so let’s dive right into it. Enjoy! : )

Coach Fard lives in Sacramento, California and is the owner of the BornCEO Academy, an online school where he helps people find out what they were born to be and to do and how they can put themselves in a position to create more time and financial freedom so they can do what they love without having to worry about how the bills are going to be paid or how to find the time. Fard is also a bestselling author and recently published the first edition of The BornCEO Series which is called: Born To Rule. «I’m so proud of it», Fard smiles. I read the book in the meantime and I can highly and personally recommend it to...

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Junko Suzuki about taking the plunge to live your dreamlife

podcast Sep 16, 2020

In this conversation I talk with Junko from Tokyo, whom I met during a Taiko drum workshop in Japan. We connected immediately and I‘m very happy to have this talk with Junko in which she gives us insights in how «living the life you want» looks for her in Japan.

Junko Suzuki lived in England as a child and was an English teacher in Japan, until she quit her job 4 years ago to travel. At the age of 7 she already knew that she would travel the world one day and she made her dream come true. So far she has been to 33 countries and is eager to discover more of the world. One of the highlights during her travels was New Year‘s Eve in Germany, where she played the Taiko drum with a friend in a small Japanese garden, surrounded by the fireworks. «It was magical».

Junko is now located in Tokyo where she does all sorts of creative things like little clay art figures that are inspired by old Japanese traditional characters, Taiko drum workshops, origami...

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