Darrin Barney on how to thrive even in difficult times

podcast Jun 22, 2020

«Circumstances are not tied to creating joy»
, Ronja

In this interview you‘ll get to know Darrin Barney whom I met at an event from Bo Eason in 2019. He lives with his familiy in Colorado, USA and describes himself as a husband and father of a family that brings him pride & joy. He is a business owner of a car company since 20 years, a business coach and a certified high performance coach trained by Brendon Burchard.

Darrin is a multitalented, radiant and cheerful person and I‘m super excited to share his take on the world in this interview. We talk about how not to get stuck in situations like the one we‘re living through right now (at time of recording it‘s March 2020) and how you can thrive even in difficult times.

My first question is how Darrin brings and creates joy in his everday life and his answer is: «focusing on the positive». «We want to plan for the worst and expect the best», he adds. Especially these days...

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The Let's Create Joy Podcast is live!

podcast Jun 22, 2020

This podcast was born out of the idea to talk to different people about how they bring joy into their everyday life. The results are exciting and extremely enriching conversations.

We are all experts of our everyday life and it is incredibly inspiring to experience the different opinions, approaches, rituals and much more.

With my podcast I would like to show you how many possibilities there are to create joy in your life, no matter where, with whom and how you are in life right now. If you want to get even more inspiration, then sign up for the 21-Day Joy-Challenge here: www.ronjasakata.com/jre and join the closed Joy-Facebookgruppe, where the conversations are always spun further and where you'll meet awesome people. : )

If you want to jump right into the VIP-status of my community and invest in your Joy-mindset to win life with a smile on your face: Here she is, the Joy Academy

If you want to check me out first, you can find me on the following channels:

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