Alec Penney on how to find happiness in the now

podcast Sep 02, 2020

In this conversation I talk with Alec Penney whom I met through following his lovely wife and brand photographer Bry on Instagram. I really enjoyed our talk about Alecs take on the world, which is simply wonderful and very aligned with what I‘m all about, so get ready for a richness of inspiration, personal insight and «joie de vivre».

Alec is a web developer and works under his own business «</onTheRoadCoder>». One year ago, he quit his job at the military that he did for twelve years. Four years ago, Alec stood at a point, where he decided, that he wanted a change in his life. He describes the work that he does now as «meeting awesome people and helping them build a website to share with the world what they do».

I ask Alec, what brings him joy? Alec says that his main thing is trying to be in the present, from the very simplest things like taking in the countryside and the surroundings, whatever it is at that moment, «taking in...

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Heather Robinson talks about the power of thoughts and the unfolding of her now joyful life

podcast Aug 19, 2020

In this interview I talk to my dear friend and business planning and implementation coach Heather Robinson, about her life story which led her from the dark places that she experienced during her depression to having «a really freaking joyful life». Get ready for an intense and super inspiring talk.

Heather, owner and founder of «Get accomplished with Heather», helps online coaches with their business planning and implementation. «I love my work, a big part of what I do is help people to love their life, and our work can be a big part of our life. I‘m helping people to find joy within their work and their business». Heather lives in France, very close to the Swiss border, near Geneva and she says it‘s paradise. They moved there because of her husbands work and before Heather even saw their new home, she already knew in her heart, that it would be amazing. Their home is at the foot of the Jura Mountains with a view of the alps from...

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Productivity Hacks: How to get more done

podcast Aug 05, 2020

In this roundtable I talk with Katie and Darrin, who are both high performance achievers, about productivity and how to get more done in the same amount of time. Prepare yourself for a lot of awesome inspiration!

Dr. Katie Woodley is a holistic vetenarian based in Northern Colorado in the US.

Darrin Barney from Grand Junction, Colorado, US owns together with his brother the company «Barney Brothers Offroad» and he‘s a certified High Performance Coach.

Darrin brought his friend Katie in as a guest for this roundtable, because he highly admires her productivity skills, her drive and her motivation and I‘m super excited to learn a lot from these two!

I ask Katie what comes to her mind, when she reads this topic‘s title and her answer is, that having a routine changed her entire business.

«When you don‘t have a routine, that‘s where you enter chaos», Katie

Each morning Katie journals about how her day should look. She knows exactly...

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Improving your work situation, when you know it‘s time for a change!

podcast Jul 29, 2020

In this roundtable, we talk about how you can improve and change your work situation. The three of us are constantly improving and evolving our own work situations so this talk is all about our own experiences and real life advice. : )

Leanne lives in British Colombia, Canada and has an online consulting company for families with infants that were in intensive care units.

Andi is originally from Switzerland and lives in Southern California, she is a German teacher and works online at the moment as well.

This topic is dear to Andi‘s heart. In 2014 she found herself in a work situation as an elementary school teacher and special aid teacher that she wasn‘t happy with anymore.

First she used to take long vacations and when she came back she felt better, but in 2014 she emotionally crashed. Taking a few months off to reevaluate her situation finally showed her that she dismissed early signs for a long time and that she was ready to move on to something new.

«I‘m a...

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Maintaining your energy when the world is scared

podcast Jul 22, 2020

In this roundtable, we talk about how to maintain our energy and our sense of joy within ourselves and our households, so that we can manage our energy whatever the circumstances are.

Andi grew up in (cold) Switzerland and moved with her american husband and their two sons to (sunny) California 3 years ago. : ) Andi was an elementary school teacher in Switzerland and is now a german teacher for children and adults.
Leanne from British Colombia in Canada is a mental health counselor that does trauma work. She offers counselations for parents who had infants in an intensive care unit so that they can share the love and light that they deserve.

«I‘m feeling grateful for being of service», Leanne

Darrin from Grand Junction, Colorado owns an off road car company with his brother, he‘s a business delevoping coach and also does high performance coachings. He enjoys personal development stuff and is excited about this topic.

«We can choose joy...

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Find your gifts to heal/help the world

podcast Jul 15, 2020

This roundtable is about finding your gifts and talents and how they can help the world.

We are all self-employed and love what we do. Darrin owns with his brother a car company in Colorado, USA and is a business developing coach. Leanne is a trauma counselor in a small village in British Colombia, Canada and passionate about being of service and Andi is a self-employed german teacher in California, USA. Andi initiated this talk, because finding out what we want is such a big topic and the difficulties sometimes already start with the question: What do I even want? How can I find that out? We talk about our own situations and how we got to where we are now and also exchange practical tips and experiences that help you on your own way.

Darrin starts with a passionate talk about how we can and should make the best of our life. «We‘re only given one life and we have to make the most out of it. We are in charge of our destiny. I can do anything. If I really want to do...

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Finding Peace in Times of Trial: How to support your children

podcast Jul 08, 2020

In this roundtable with Andi, Leanne and Darrin, we talk about how we can support our kids during difficult times.

Darrin lives with his three children in Gran Junction, Colorado and he starts by telling a story about his daugther who was born two months early. One night, when she was lying in bed, she stopped breathing and was dying. Darrin luckily found out in time and was able to save her life. He feels like he was given a second chance wih his daughter. His kids are everything to him and the reason why he‘s alive.

Leanne lives in British Columbia, Canada. She‘s a trauma counselor and has a five year old son. Her son was born nine weeks early. «Children to me are teachers», Leanne says.

Andi lives with her family in California, but she originally is from Switzerland and that‘s also where her two sons were born. She worked as an elementary school teacher in Switzerland and is now a german teacher for adults and children. She has always worked with kids...

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Finding Peace in Times of Trial: How to not only survive but thrive!

podcast Jun 22, 2020

My first roundtable was with Andi Rondestvedt (listen to our previous episode here) Darrin Barney 
(listen to our previous episode here) and Leanne Rose Dorish.

Andi is a high school friend of mine who moved to America 3 years ago, she‘s a german teacher and lives with her family in California. I met Darrin at an event of Bo Eason in 2019, he lives with his family in Colorado and runs his own car company. Leanne is a friend of Darrin from Canada and a trauma mental health counselor, she helps people «to not only survive, but thrive». She‘s mostly working online and through Social Media. At the time of recording she lives with her son at her mum‘s place while her husband is in quarantine at their family home.

Our first topic is about our approach of getting up in the morning and doing the best we can throughout every day – especially during times like these (spring 2020).

For Leanne it‘s her 5-year old son that often dictates the...

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Andi Rondestvedt on thriving on her way from dream to reality

podcast Jun 22, 2020

In this interview I talk to my high school friend Andi Rondestvedt who moved with her family from Switzerland to California three years ago. Andi is a german teacher for children and adults and a real expert of life! : )

Andi lived in California during an exchange year at the age of 16 and that‘s when she fell in love with the sunshine state. She loves the people, the openness, the weather, the sun, the ocean, the special vibes she feels… But first she went back to Switzerland, became an elementary school teacher and married an American – not from California : ) - with whom she lived in Switzerland for 8 years.

«There came a time, almost like a midlife crisis, where nothing except family and friends felt right anymore. I needed a challenge and I needed to find out what I really want», Andi

The plan to move to California was that challenge, that Andi was looking for. To build something up from 0. But it was a long journey to get there. The first time...

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Darrin Barney on how to thrive even in difficult times

podcast Jun 22, 2020

«Circumstances are not tied to creating joy»
, Ronja

In this interview you‘ll get to know Darrin Barney whom I met at an event from Bo Eason in 2019. He lives with his familiy in Colorado, USA and describes himself as a husband and father of a family that brings him pride & joy. He is a business owner of a car company since 20 years, a business coach and a certified high performance coach trained by Brendon Burchard.

Darrin is a multitalented, radiant and cheerful person and I‘m super excited to share his take on the world in this interview. We talk about how not to get stuck in situations like the one we‘re living through right now (at time of recording it‘s March 2020) and how you can thrive even in difficult times.

My first question is how Darrin brings and creates joy in his everday life and his answer is: «focusing on the positive». «We want to plan for the worst and expect the best», he adds. Especially these days...

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